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Louisiana Redfish Guides


Red Fishing in Venice, LA is undoubtedly the best in the world; here is salt water fishing pursued in the inland marshes as well as coastal waters; always the quest is for Sciaenops ocellatus or Red Drum. The appeal for sports fishermen is at least two fold: this is a hard fighting fish, and it is terrific eating. Another attraction is that it is a fish for all seasons; one can go redfish fishing any time with excellent chances for success. The big guys, however, are best sought in the fall. Bull reds or mature males have usually achieved at least five years and can weigh upwards of twenty pounds although some have been found in the ninety pound range. These large fish are not particularly good eating but provide unparalleled excitement, testing strength of the fisherman and the tackle. In the autumn months these large redfish become more accessible in the bays and inlets where they go to reproduce; however, currently there is no specific restriction on catching them during that season. Because of the complexity of the estuaries, inlets and bays as well as the coastal waters, Venice Red fishing is best done under the auspices of a redfish fishing guide.

Louisiana redfish guides (or sometimes people call venus louisiana redfish guides) know where the deep troughs and drop-offs are in the coastal areas. They understand the fast-moving currents, and they are intimately familiar with the tidal creeks and rivers. However, location is only one element required for success in redfish fishing. Understanding tackle is also important. Most redfish fishing is done with light to medium tackle, either spinning or casting, with about twenty pound test line. For standard bottom fishing, terminal tackle will include a sinker, swivel, leader and a 5/0 hook. All of this is accepted knowledge of redfish fishing guides. And then, there is bait. Another knowledge base mastered by the Louisiana redfish guides (or sometimes people call vennus louisiana redfish guides) operating within the Venice Red Fishing industrial arena.

The redfish fishing guide has encyclopedic conversance with bait requirements for the Venice area and the redfish in particular. The fisherman may be instructed to use Bass Assassin swim-tail grubs in any one of the electric colors available, or a topwater plug used to cause enough commotion to attract reds either very early or very late in the day. Perhaps, live bait will be considered: shrimp, mud minors or finger mullet. Even dead bait can be a wise choice on occasion. This is the pool of information that Louisiana redfish guides have awaiting the pleasure-seeking sports fisherman who chooses to pursue his or her passion in Venice, LA.