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Fly Fishing

fly_fishing In south Louisiana we have millions of acres of shallow marsh where redfish love to feed. The aquatic vegetation that is so abundant here acts as a filter and nursery for the area’s crab and shrimp population. For this reason, the redfishing can be nothing less than spectacular!

Anyone who fly fishes knows that it takes precision, patience and true skill to land that fly in the danger zone. Here you get the chance to hit it over and over, because we have such an abundant resource.

The bayous of Venice provide an optimal environment with their still, calm, undisturbed bays and coves... That is until you stick ‘em. Then all that’s left is to hold on for the fight of your life.

Redfishing Here In Venice

Redfish, unlike many species, are not all that picky. They are very aggressive and will inhale just about any type fly thrown in front of them. That’s why they’re one of the most popular fish targeted by fly fishermen in the area.

Fishermen should use a 7-8 weight rod, and backing is a must. Some of these reds, in less than a foot of water, can exceed 40 pounds.

Fly patterns used most commonly here are: clousers, spoon flies, or anything imitating a crab or shrimp.

Your Fly Fishing Experience

Brent will take you deep in to the heart of the bayou estuaries with his 16’8” Banshee Extreme Ranger. With a true 4” draft you can really sneak up on your competition. You can clearly sight fish ‘til you catch your fill.

What To Bring

A good pair of polarized sunglasses is a must. We will be sight fishing most of the time. Customers should also bring sunblock, non-scuff shoes, and whatever you want to eat and drink. And don’t forget the camera.

The Ultimate Encounter For The Fanatical Outdoorsman

This type of fishing is known for being the challenge of a lifetime, with the quiet peaceful solitude of you and your opponent. Nothing but the tranquil fruits of Mother Nature at your fingertips to guide your line to your awaiting prey. This is the ultimate encounter for any fanatical outdoorsman.

Fly Fishing: $550
2 person max per boat

Call Brent now to schedule this challenging trip!

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