Guided Trips

Tuna fishing on a guided trip on the clients boat

Guided Trips: $400 per day

You also have the option to chose a truly unique and customized guided trip. Call now to schedule your customized Guided Trip!

Your captain, Brent Ballay, will take you on your own vessel to fish anything you want. Marlin, tarpon, red snapper, tuna, and all the other pelagic fish that live here in the Gulf of Mexico. Brent has captained vessels from 16' to 65' Hatteras on everything from the Bahamas Bill Fishing Circuit to the IWFA Local ladies tournaments. So whether your main concern is catching fish instead of worring about the boat, or you want to take a trip into unfamiliar waters, having Brent onboard with make everything easier and safer.  

The top image was a good trip to Abaco, Bahamas with a long-time customer. Ed caught a 650+ pound bluefin tuna (pictured) on one of our yearly two-week adventures to the islands. His fish of a lifetime!

Snapper fishing from the clients boat with Capt Brent Ballay at the helm<<< Snapper fishing off the Louisiana Gulf coast rigs with customers from Tampa. The clients new 36’ Contender proved to be a real fishing machine and with the comfort of knowing she was in the safe hands of a local, weathered Captain.

Brent Ballay with a customers young son. Here’s a happy camper from Florida who never knew the fishing for redfish could be this awesome. Anthony and his granddad have fished with me every year since then. Definitely creates memories of a lifetime.
Anthony says it’s better than Disney! >>>

USCG Licensed Captain Brent Ballay
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