Duck Hunting

Ladies enjoying a bountiful day duck hunting in the marshes and bayous off Venice, La.


Happy group of hunters and their family

Venice, Louisiana sits that the end of the central flyway. Millions of ducks migrate from Canada and the northern parts of the United States to winter here in southern Louisiana.

We have a large variety of ducks. Pintail, canvasback, and widgeon, to name a few. It’s not uncommon to see and shoot up to twelve different species in a morning hunt. Clients usually bring several home to be mounted.

Currently we are hunting on several thousand acres of private land and on tens of thousands of public marsh.

Here at Cast N Blast Venice we offer half-day duck hunts from our comfortable GO-DEVIL boats. We supply the retrievers, decoys, and the ducks.

You should bring chest waders, shot gun and shells, duck stamp and hunting license, and a shell bucket to sit on and keep everything dry (we will be hunting with labs).

I grew up hunting ducks and am still very passionate about it. I’ll do everything in my power to make your hunt one to remember. - Brent Ballay

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