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Grab your weapon, and travel to the deep southern region folks consider the "End of the World" on the best duck hunting adventure ever known, and the treasure you will discover in Venice, Louisiana. The Great River Road begins in Ontario, Canada. As the scenic route meanders along the Mississippi River across ten states, it connects with a variety of state routes. The Great River Road ends 2340 miles in the unincorporated community of Venice in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. It is the last part of the route that can be reached by automobile along the mighty Mississippi River in the United States.

Louisiana duck hunting offers a style with an old fashioned Cajun flavor, and customer service that is second to none. Duck hunting anywhere else may not be what it is "quacked up to be!'' Venice duck hunting provides a unique experience as millions of ducks migrate south to Louisiana. This is an ideal location for duck hunters near the end of the central flyway. Simply, ask those who return time, and time for a guided trip with Cast and Blast Venice, LLC

Because many different duck species that migrate through the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, the Gulf Coastal Prairie, and the Prairie Pothole Regions, it is referred as the "duck factory." More than a dozen type of water fowl can be seen in an early morning hunt. Do not be surprised to see a variety of ducks that range from pin tail, canvasback, wigeon, and others. Louisiana provides the nations largest migrating region for mallards. Your professional guides will be able to assist you on the species, and number of game that can be taken home. Every season offers an adventure that you will not soon forget!

Louisiana duck hunting offers thousands of marshes that are open to the public across the state. Guided tours will take you to the best locations where a larger variety of water fowl will be seen. Marshes offer a natural landing pad for a variety of species, and provides a greater selection to make the hunt interesting. In Venice, thousands of private acres are made available that may not be accessible to just anyone. Many of the ducks will always return to the same locations across the state. The guide will be able to help with the nesting grounds to provide the most successful hunting adventure.

Chartering a boat will add more excitement to hunting trips. Travel in the actual path of the ducks, and to the natural nesting ground. With the variety of species, there is an unlimited number of choices to assist you. It does not matter if you have never went on a hunting trip. Your professional guide will help you all the way to experience a fun, and interesting trip.
Beginners, and seasoned professional hunters will find the day to meet more than their expectations.

You have seen how that Louisiana duck hunting offers one of the nations most popular locations for hunting water fowl. With millions of ducks migrating from the north, the Mississippi River invites folks from across the states to come for a trip at the end of the Great River Road. This is an alternative to the high cost of gas, the trip is worth the expense. Bring your camera along the way to take a few pictures. But, bring your weapon, and take home supper. This is truly one of the best hunting spots in the nation.

Venice, Louisiana duck hunting extravaganza provides the treasure at the end of the rainbow where you will discover to be the last spot at the Gulf of Mexico before birds continue their journey until next year. It is not unusual to see more than a dozen birds fly in a formation as they stay together. While the cost for the hunting trip begins at $250, a friendly guide will take a minimum of two people. They throw their expertise in the loop for free. When you come to Venice, it will be a trip literally out of this world. You will visit a marina, and be given your own private dock where you will meet your tour guide. Our customers are treated like family. You will have a choice of the half day duck hunts with a variety of decoys to attract your target. Bring your shot gun, waders, duck stamp, and hunting license's. So, why are you waiting when you could be wading with your target insight? Call (985) 960-2605 to start the journey that you will not soon forget.


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