Going on a fishing trip in a strange area can be a fun adventure, but it can also turn into a disaster if you don't know what you're doing. One way of ensuring that you'll have a great time and hit up all the best fishing spots is by hiring a fishing guide at Cast and Blast Venice who knows what they're doing. If you're going to be fishing in the Venice, Louisiana area (home to some of the best fishing spots in the country), it's absolutely essential that you hire a guide to enhance your experience to the absolute best it can be. 

Huge impressive redfish landed on a continual basis in Venice, LA with Capt Brent Ballay

If you‘re looking for the fishing adventure of a lifetime, look no further. We believe Venice, Louisiana, is where you’ll find the best, most amazing shallow-water inshore fishing ever. Often a hidden treasure, Venice offers the most sought-after game fish, not only in the nation but also in the world. And, to make your experience supreme, we have a world-renowned expert guide that will make your fishing in Venice Louisiana incredible and successful. Our location is unique like no other. 

down duck retrival dog

Grab your weapon, and travel to the deep southern region folks consider the "End of the World" on the best duck hunting adventure ever known, and the treasure you will discover in Venice, Louisiana. The Great River Road begins in Ontario, Canada. As the scenic route meanders along the Mississippi River across ten states, it connects with a variety of state routes. The Great River Road ends 2340 miles in the unincorporated community of Venice in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. It is the last part of the route that can be reached by automobile along the mighty Mississippi River in the United States.

Offshore Snapper fishing

If you have ever been fishing then you know all about the thrill of the fight between man and fish. The anticipation of seeing what is on the end of the rod is enough for anyone to fish a second and third time. Freshwater fishing has its own world of fun but it mostly offers limited choices of what to catch and where to fish. Deep sea fishing offers unlimited areas to fish and endless possibilities of things to catch. Deep sea fishing can be a challenge for anyone who has never had the experience. Chartering a boat is one of the best ways to experience the thrill of deep sea fishing without the hassle and worries of knowing what to do. A charted boat gives the knowledge and experience necessary to be a successful deep sea fisherman.

buckets of fish

If you've ever tried it, you already know Louisiana seafood is the best in the world. To add another dimension to your enjoyment, try catching it yourself.

For the best fishing expedition of your life, Venice, Louisiana should be your home port. Located on the west bank of the Mississippi, Venice is a year-round sportsman's paradise. Yellowfin tuna weighing up to 200 pounds are available even in the winter months. But there's also an abundance of cobia, tarpon, and grouper, waiting to take your line and grace your table.

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