Offshore Snapper fishing

If you have ever been fishing then you know all about the thrill of the fight between man and fish. The anticipation of seeing what is on the end of the rod is enough for anyone to fish a second and third time. Freshwater fishing has its own world of fun but it mostly offers limited choices of what to catch and where to fish. Deep sea fishing offers unlimited areas to fish and endless possibilities of things to catch. Deep sea fishing can be a challenge for anyone who has never had the experience. Chartering a boat is one of the best ways to experience the thrill of deep sea fishing without the hassle and worries of knowing what to do. A charted boat gives the knowledge and experience necessary to be a successful deep sea fisherman.

Venice, Louisiana is one of the premier fishing spots around. People who love to fish will not regret fishing this location. They will come back time and time again to experience the wide variety of fish that the area has to offer. Should you need a guide to the area, Venice Louisiana fishing charters are there with the knowledge and expertise to take you to the best fishing location. Venice, Louisiana is located on the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico is home to thousands of fish just waiting to be caught. The schools of fish move from location to location and visitors to the area would have a hard time keeping up on their movements. Fishing charters are located right on the water and keep track of where the best fishing grounds are located.

Fishing charters in Venice Louisiana are decently priced and are easy to find. When a fisherman charters a boat and heads out into the Gulf of Mexico the captain uses top of the art equipment to find the fish so that the customers have the day of a lifetime.

One way to have a good time is to know the captain of the charter boat. Captain Brent Ballay has 24+ years under his belt chartering boats. He has fished all over the Gulf of Mexico area. Captain Ballay has competed in various fishing competitions and brings that knowledge to each charter he oversees. Due to his knowledge and expertise about fishing in Venice, Louisiana customers come back to him year after year for a new experience in fishing.

Captain Brent Ballay - Charter Guide out of Venice LouisianaUpon arriving in Venice, Louisiana you will come to a marina that has been in the family since it was founded. A family atmosphere is what most people like to see in a business. This atmosphere is exactly what you will find at his marina. This Venice fishing charter is known various types of fishing adventures. They know how to fish in shallow water, river fish, and inshore and offshore fishing is no problem. Each type of fishing adventure is sure to bring a set of experiences that no one else will ever experience.

When you come to fish you will come to your own private dock where you will meet the captain. Most major fishing charter businesses make people wait in line while boarding and once on board, there is more waiting while the boat is readied. Before you know two hours are gone and the boat is still anchored at the dock. The boats at the Ballay’s dock are ready ahead of time. You get to know the crew and captain and it is like having good friends to enjoy a day of fishing with. The next time you are in Venice, Louisiana and need in of a charter to take you fishing, go with the Ballay's. You will not be disappointed.

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